A Personal Request to all Strawberry Prince fans

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Strawberry Prince Slots

A Personal Request to all Strawberry Prince fans

Strawberry Prince Channel


What's “Strawberry Prince”?

The 6-member VTuber Boy Group operating on Livestream and Video sites near you!


Every Weekend evening! The members all get together and perform their own Strawberry Prince Official Livestream!
Don't miss any “juicy” exclusive behind the scenes talk!


Catch group songs and gameplay videos on “Strawberry Prince Channel”!
As well as Special Projects! Full of exclusive Strawberry Prince info!

Music/Live Performances

Strawberry Prince's 3rd album – “Strawberry Prince” released 11/11/2020 and sold 229,830 copies, pushing it to the ORICON Weekly Album charts No.1 spot!


Introducing each member's profile!

  • Satomi
  • Root
  • Colon
  • Rinu
  • Nanamori.
  • Jel


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