Any and all filming, recording and/or uploading of live events is strictly prohibited.

We do not allow the filming or recording of live events by our guests, no matter the reason or method. We also firmly deny the entry of any guests who intend to record the live event. In the event that there is any attempt to film or record the event by those who are not officially acknowledged staff (may it be by mobile phone, digital camera, IC recorder or otherwise) the offenders will be asked to leave the premises following the erasure of any relevant data, and be barred from all future events. Depending on the circumstances the police or other relevant authorities may also be contacted. If you happen to see any suspicious activity at our events, we humbly ask you to please swiftly inform your closest member of staff.

Furthermore, we have received individual reports from various related parties of a minority of malicious actors illegally uploading stolen audio or footage of the events to YouTube or elsewhere. This kind of action not only violates the Publicity Rights of the involved performers, but may also be treated as a violation of Copyright, and Obstruction Of Business. Both of which carry serious legal consequences, and cannot be treated lightly.
Moving forward, as the party involved with running these events, we fully intend to work closely with our legal guidance and the police to not only demand the deletion of the said footage, but also following the identification of the uploaders, deliver swift legal action and demand monetary compensation where necessary. Alongside asking our guests to not engage in such activity, we would like to request your cooperation in reporting to us any violation you may come across.

To report any violations, please contact us here