A Personal Request to all Strawberry Prince fans

As Strawberry Prince we've always wanted everyone to get along and enjoy themselves – freely supporting and enjoying our content however they choose. Like sharing fanart, and even making their own goods.
But lately there have been many complaints of accounts uploading other people's art to social media, or selling their fan-made goods for money.
So to clear up any confusion in what is allowed and what is not, and to allow fans both new and old to more easily work together in enjoying Strawberry Prince, we have put together this page.
We have tried to answer everyone's questions, including a legal explanation, as well as a small list of rules and requests we'd like everyone to keep in mind when interacting with us, each other, and everything Strawberry Prince.

As creators there are various rights that we are entitled to. If these are not honored, unfortunately that becomes a law violation.

What's Right to Likeness?

This has to do with someone's privacy. Putting it simply, it's the right to not have your image freely produced and/or shared without your permission.
This includes face or body, in the form of photographs, video, art, sculptures etc. Also called "Portrait Rights".

What's Right to Privacy?

This is the right to not have photographs or video of you, or your personal life, shared on the internet or anywhere else without your permission.
Not only us as creators, but you, your friends, and your family all have this right too.

This forbids the sharing or upload of pictures and videos taken of you without your permission.

What's Right of Publicity?

Public figures (like celebrities or famous people) are considered to have "Economic Value" to their name or image.
This right means that value is treated as belonging to them.

You cannot use that person's name or likeness to promote something, product or otherwise, without their permission.

What's Copyright?

Music, TV and Film, Text and Books, Art and Photographs, parts of Live Performances even…
The rights to all these things belong to the person who created them. Called the "Author".

Here are some examples of Copyright.

  • Video

  • Music

  • Live Shows

  • Text, Art and Photo

What's Okay? What's Not?

Finally, one last request.

We really want everyone to freely enjoy themselves!
But, for the sake of allowing everyone to have fun without any unfortunate happenings or sad feelings, we believe there is such thing as Kindness. A promise to work together and care for each other.

And that's why we wrote this!

We want you to honor this promise with us. But more importantly, for everyone to act in mutual kindness with each other.

No insulting or attacking anyone that doesn't know any better. And to first of all try to think from the other person's side, and not do anything that you wouldn't want done to yourself.

If we could add just a little more love and consideration for each other to everyone's already amazing Kindness, we know that together we can build something even bigger, and greater. Where everyone can be happy. Even happier than they are now.

Thank you always for all your support!
We're gonna continue to work hard to be the Strawberry Prince you can be proud of! To your friends, your families, and all of your loved ones!
So we humbly ask for your continued support!

-Strawberry Prince